Moving to next/prev word, at start or end character (b, e, ge etc)

Part of my guide of vim tips/snippets

How to move around to the next or previous word in vim

Moving around between words is something you probably have muscle memory for. These are some very common keys, I’d assume most vim users know these…

Simple moving back a word, with b or next word with w

I think b (go back a word) and w (go forward a word) are comonly used (one of the first things people learn).

They put you at the first letter of the word.

Move to end of the word/next word with e

You can also go to the end of a word (or the end of the next word if cursor is on final letter of current word) with e.

Moving to the end of previous word (be or ge)

Sometimes you want to go to the end of the previous word. For years I’d do be (go back a word with b, then end of current word with e).

You can also do the same with ge.

Part of my guide of vim tips/snippets