Custom CSS Reset

Josh Comeau's custom CSS reset - an insightful article

Whenever I start a new project, the first order of business is to sand down some of the rough edges in the CSS language. I do this with a functional set of custom baseline styles.

For a long time, I used Eric Meyer’s famous CSS Reset. It’s a solid chunk of CSS, but it’s a bit long in the tooth at this point; it hasn’t been updated in more than a decade, and a lot has changed since then!

Recently, I’ve been using my own custom CSS reset. It includes all of the little tricks I’ve discovered to improve both the user experience and the CSS authoring experience.

Like other CSS resets, it’s unopinionated when it comes to design / cosmetics. You can use this reset for any project, no matter the aesthetic you’re going for.

In this tutorial, we’ll go on a tour of my custom CSS reset. We’ll dig into each rule, and you’ll learn what it does and why you might want to use it!